Demo CD

by Burning Ghats

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Former members of Lower Mainland bands such as BATOCHE, A CANADIAN WEREWOLF IN..., NEW WORLD ON FIRE, and SCABS come together to create something akin to CONVERGE and NECROPHAGIST meeting halfway.



released December 9, 2009

Burning Ghats are:
Chad Jones - Vocals
Kevin Grindon - Guitar and Vocals
Adam Bush - Guitar and Vocals
Taylor Geddes - Bass
Colin Tether - Drums and Vocals

Artwork and layot design by Cam Strudwick
Drums recorded by Stu McKillop @ The Hive, Vancouver, BC
Recorded and mixed by Adam Bush
Mastered by Stu McKillop



Track Name: Contombs
Piteous with a desert well of dry rot detracted with needles full of I dreamed something suffocated me in my sleep last night. Needles full of all of those passive submissions to patterns unaccountable for the teeth in you heart. What swallows the cross swallows the crow. And I can't be held responsible but I've been digging some ditches to transverse the fear of swallowing my own tongue. And I can't be held accountable but did you notice that the heart sank with the praise poison dreams shifting crowns onto the malleable? Then all of the bodies fold, this inspiration that gave birth to the blackout. The premise of your obsession, the tapeworm of your placenta.
Track Name: Chorea Pseudonym
Tombs in the void, waves through superficial rooms. Our angels have anxiety. Smash through artificial limbs hoping you're god hoping to abandon these tombs. Fake arms fake tombs. Unprofitable dead ringer has a false name chorea. Chorea abandon your tombs, fake arms fake tombs. Head straight for the mirror, all those cracks that you see are all of those places inside of you.
The sun will come the morning will rise, this is your day you will be god. This is your day you will die bench warming bitten soul. Living and dying chorea pseudonym. Extracting the heap from your eyes while they relapse on bitterness at the hive. Head straight for the heart, abandon your tombs.
Track Name: Hemophiliac Gash
Outside and detached a hemophiliac gash that rains a drone drunk on the downpour. Drowning now sleep wont cure this. To a remarkable degree standing still hasn't had an effect on the position of going nowhere and seeing nothing being nothing going nowhere. We can see better far sighted yet nothing comes to range. I fell apart in the rusted arms of yesterday. There's billowing clouds of runaway thoughts in the rusted arms of yesterday, trust they're doused in gasoline, rusted to pieces. I am bottomless so outside and detached. A drone's soliloquy. The only thing on time is when the light leaves your eyes. We planned on this to happen trapped in dust. I am tired of seeing what I'd like it to be we all resist change in one way or another. Attachment detach me I mean this I built this altar on my back to pray that the truth would stop disappointing me. On a trail of malcontent, fixed contest.