Hominid / War Hero 7"

by Hominid / War Hero

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A split release between two young western Canadian hardcore bands. HOMINID are into LEFT FOR DEAD and are equal parts heavy and fast. WAR HERO dig MK-ULTRA and keep it fast and snarly. Both bands love CHARLES BRONSON.



released January 19, 2009

Hominid: Ryan L-Vocals, Franky T-Guitar, Gary O-Drums, Sam D-Bass

Thanks: Taylor Geddes, War Hero, Just Say No!, Cope, Home Sweet Home, xTRUEx Nate, xCHADx, Adam Willet, Steve L, and Satan.

War Hero: Tommy-Vocals, Graham-Guitar, Lee-Bass, Colin-Drums

Recorded summer '08 in the back room of Noisy Boyes by Dave Hardy.

Thanks: Hominid, xCHADx, Just Say No!, Foat, Mudlark, Osk, The Alf House, Six Brew Bantha, Fear of Tomorrow, A Bleak Future, Citizen Grade, Ummm, Conner, Gord, Iron Lung, And mostly.. Dave Fuckin' Hardy!

Art/stolen photos by: xCHADx//Concrete & Steel



Track Name: Hominid - Take Aim
It's 8PM he's already fucked.
Where are your kids? Just your luck.
One wrong step, one wrong move, just equates to one more bruise.
Take aim, pull the trigger.
One wrong step, one wrong move, just equates to one more bruise.
Forget your oath and the band around your finger: take aim and pull the fucking trigger.
Take aim, pull the trigger.
You deserve better.
We all deserve better.
Track Name: Hominid - Bleach Cocktail
Having fun is sweet, substance abuse isn't.
If you only care about getting fucked, you should just drink bleach.
Track Name: Hominid - Skate Annihilate
Grab your board, clear your mind.
Alcohol leaves your fear behind.
Stomp your bolts, charge that hill.
This skate destiny is yours to full fill.
Road rash is nothing a skingraft cant fix.
Pick up your skate, do it again.
Skate hard 'till your fucking dead!
Track Name: Hominid - Scene Pollution
Imitators and desecration
tearing down what we're trying to build,
polluting our scene with no remorse or guilt.
With no reason to live and even less reasons to die.
Living in limbo is worse than your fabrication and lies.
We'll be here 'till we expire.
We're digging our own graves.
Track Name: War Hero - Attack of the Posi Christ
blinded minds are steated in rows and drained of all life to worship a god that isnt there so they can feel good inside about living their life thinking theres another side so put a cross around your neck cause before you know youll be fucking dead, attack of the posi christ, lives taken in the name of religion every day so when you preach at my door expect it slammed in your face, the only one here that needs to be saved is you
Track Name: War Hero - Local Asshole (For Mayor)
negative destruction and negative construction, a devious plan to lure in all the rich yuppie tourists cause bigger is better and old fashioned is shit so please the consumer and fill those condos cause how the fuck would we survive without ripping down every inch of forest in sight? this town is turning into one big fucking ugly billboard out with the old and in with the new? eat shit
Track Name: War Hero - 2010 Riots
two thousand and ten will kill us all, trees give animals shelter and produce oxygen but with all the damage to our ozone layer the mayor decides to have the forest cut down because profit is the only thing in mind, a fucking billion reporters and athletes will flood our town for 2 weeks and all theyll leave is their fucking pollution
black smoke pours out from the tops of corporate branches but as long as our industry is moving who gives a shit?
Track Name: War Hero - Punk Song
what the fuck could be better than hoping into a crammed car with instruments your friends and tunes to play a set and watch bands for free. we could never give a fuck if less than 10 kids show up keep it in the basement cause mainstream fucking sucks and everything that we need is just enough gas to come home and if even they dont mosh the memory will always be inside your fucking head