The Communion / Compound Terror 7"

by The Communion / Compound Terror

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Canadian West Coast grind meets United States East Coast grind. COMPOUND TERROR are from Victoria, BC and play somewhat DISCORDANCE AXIS-style grind and feature an ex-member of ISKRA. THE COMMUNION are from Bethpage, NY and toss various styles of grind into each song.

JSN005 / MNS004


released May 8, 2009

The Communion:

Nick - vocals
Billy - guitar
Lee - guitar
Jimmy - bass
Scott - drums

Recorded and mixed by Gary Gennaro
Co-produced by Gary Gennaro and The Communion

Thanks: Midnight Sea, Just Say No!, Compound Terror, and Gary Gennaro

Compound Terror:

Scott - drums
Kevin - guitars
Jamie - vocals and noise

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Terror Compound Nov. 2008 thru Jan. 2009

Thanks: The Communion, Midnight Sea Records, Just Say No! Records, Erin for the gasmask art and putting up with our noise, Ron/Griefer, Mike Sherman/Sherman Guitars, Black Raven Records, Bubba, Dax-on, Gord/Kill Bomb Records, Cody/Creepcore Records, Absolute Underground, and anyone who has put us on shows, played with us or helped us in any way.

Artwork from the internet.
Layout by Taylor Geddes.



Track Name: The Communion - Recovering Vigilante
It's hard to vegetate without meats to gnaw. A numb wash-out just below "recluse". Ghost-tamped sands... gnarled melodies from wire in hands that are pre-occupied with the thin air between furniture and the well-aged dirt our eruptions have petrified... Form enriched by splatter-film possibility. Wormed cores convinced by the canes that they're something sweetly. Bleach will be exchanged. The masochist hushed by conquering voyeurs. Grindhouse heroines writhe before the drill-bit, glazed in the syrup our jaws invoke.
Track Name: The Communion - Mecha Horripilation
Glossolalia in brail. Rabbits suspended behind a butcher shop window in front of a busy playground. Every other belly about a face, though no heads share the front. Cri du chat implosion in the bone-voids beneath taped-luggage torsos. Cattlegun firing squads airhole the upturned gurney.