You Pilot 7"

by In Vacuo

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Spastic hardcore from Calgary, Alberta. Think DEAD KENNEDYS and NOMEANSNO mixed with the abrasiveness of CONVERGE.



released September 16, 2008

Recorded by Casey Lewis at Echo Base Studios, Calgary, Alberta 2008.



Track Name: Follow the Flock
the sheep don't let you down they fucking push you
follow the flock
you think I'm fucked because I've got my certain ways. you think I'm lost because I don't follow the lane. I'm such a hazard because I've got ideas. fuck you I've been mislead for years. you claim to be self-dependent with your distorted agenda yet you fit the standard with your 'inventive' ways. honest comprehension is lost in this selective lifestyle. what the hell does it matter, you were in it for some bullshit reason.
Track Name: Dig the War
I hear you say impeach-- enemy of freedom. be proud or get out. flag waves in the backyard-- phone call from a charity man. be proud or get out.
I show my censored baby book. I shower in my bathing suit.
the cops beat your black ass, strapped you to a branch. be proud or get out
dig the war, protest protests-- enemies of freedom. dig the bomb, love your land. enemy your heart is showing
neighbor borrows negroes-- honky pie nigga fahgettaboutit. be proud or get out. TV turbans default mode: baby kill plane explode, raghead faggot primitive zipperhead
dig the war, the cowboy hat-- Gestapo hold up '4 more years' posters. dig the bomb, ripcord start the grand lynch on idealists
loud patriots stomp human face-- buy out that old burden democracy. cement in the regime, erase history-- god be with the bomb
flimsy pecker blasting face, lovely presidential rape. be proud or get out. women coerced to blow old men-- executive privilege Nixon says. be proud or get out
[dog fight]
(music factor vacuum thing)
(public venture dental rape)
Track Name: God and Demerit Man
highway bloodstream, 8-seat tarshark
wake up, sit at the coffee table, watch the god box. it maps your best path to job-- traffic bypass/line dance. walk around your car-- no dings or scars-- start it up and launch straight line to your job
summertime all-wheel drive California fuck-face
weave between cars-- eight-seat SUV. motherfucker cuts you off no courtesy wave. master of machine dance-- synchronized swim laps
-- performing for god and demerit man, dual-lane left turn
beat the yellow light, stomp the gas, making good time-- the sedan in front stops
learn to fucking drive.
pedestrians such a handicap-- soft-shelled retards always special privileges
take your time crossing the street asshole
honk through a yield sign-- fat blonde kid runs by. all over the road heart attack speed-- courtesy waves for all. zoom through traffic muck-- amniotic fluid
highway bloodstream, bypass your life
Track Name: Modern Warfare
modern warfare is terrorism. missile guided [fuck] human guided. to the ones that actually matter the result is the same. I've been swayed to address this problem because it seems that we're fucking around. unnecessary poppycock is clouding the airwaves and streets about a whore hooch hound howling over blatant responsibility [load-blowing sound] the bombs are dropping as the daughter weeps. she's lost it all in just over one week. the Iraqi star seems all so far away. fuck them sand niggers we'll blast them.
Track Name: Commander Black
pilot return my eyes-- reagan nation regulates me
bed time and they detain me, switch off the sun-bulb baby
you pilot; commander black
bang the apes in a/c halls, we devolve and mop the mall,
make an attractive landscape-- powerscrub the longhand vandal tag
straight white Christmas reminiscence